Raccoons and Rascals

17 Jan

Raccoons are not often seen in our neighborhood, however rascals are….one night my two rascals ran in the house out of breath and excited…they had Seen Some Raccoons! On one hand, I was not interested ( I grew up with the critters irritating the heck out of us) on the other hand, I was not sure the boys weren’t just foolin’ around and trying to pull the wool over our collective eyes.

Actually, they were telling the truth, as the photo below illustrates. There were 2 or 3 of the critters in the trees about a block away, and Rascal Mike got a picture of at least one…as well I have pictures of “eyes” but those aren’t as cute as the little ‘thief’ below.

Incidentally we have not seen them since, so I suspect the raccoon crew decided there were a few too many rascals around and left! At least I hope so-they are not kind to ponds! Which I have…


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