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In the still of the autumn…

1 Nov



Lent is upon us….

22 Mar

    It is lovely to finally make it to this time of year, a pause in the whir of days.  My Lent though usually looks like a wild ride at a fair, with a lot of falling off and getting right back on.  I used to worry about that-the falling off part. Then I figured well, I do get back on, right? That is what I’m supposed to do, get back to the Lenten tasks, or challenges, or prayers.
    There is so much to pray for this Lent-wars and disturbances in the Middle East and North Africa, Monetary crises big and small, The Massive Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Issue in Japan, Abortion and all the requests I read daily.  Life is such a mess, it always has been, yet lately is seems messier than it was….Well, we just keep going-God willing with prayer, grit, determination, hope and love we will help each other and advert more crises. I’ll pray on that….

Golly, a month goes by fast!

1 May

It seems so silly, to promise to blog, and then…not blog. Ha. I have a life, really, and it seems to take all those really good ideas and trash them. Sigh. Oh well.

So, I am, with God’s grace (the only way really) going to try to blog more…not just about kids, or flower pictures, but other things…like the state of the world and how I feel about it. Or recipes. Or food, and my thoughts on eating. 🙂 Or chocolate and wine (which go together very nicely thank you!)

So let May begin! Mary’s month….

more photos, just because…

12 Feb

I can never seem to create a wonderful and clever post-they are there, just not on the page!
So I resort to photos…

Lemons, just after a rainstorm

A young flicker, sunning himself – taken through a glass door.

More to come….

Just gotta catch up, some how!

16 Aug

Well, here it is the middle of August and I was going to try to post more often, well, at least weekly. Sigh. Today I haven’t much time, we are off to see Randy Travis at the local fair. I love how he sings, and he is very nice and funny as well.

Our summer has been busy and the latest thing keeping me busy is my job, dog sitting Mike’s new puppy (who is yet to be house broken, but we are working on that) and the garden. Darn fog has come in daily and the tomatoes are so slow in growing and ripening! I don’t know about you, but I love good homegrown tomatoes-there is nothing like them! If I have extra I will freeze them…if I don’t use them up in sauces or salsas that is 🙂

Here are some photos of the garden that I took before I traveled to San Diego to visit with my cousin Susan. By God’s good grace, those plants have gotten bigger-I will have to take some more photos of them again!

Note the tomatoes in the buckets and bins-that is because they are heirlooms and I have bad luck with planting them in my soil. I followed the instructions found here and so far, so good. I only had about 5 die or simply disappear. 😦 And they left no forwarding address….
Okay, so I only have about 14 or 15 counting the volunteers…(why do they always do so well? I want to know the secret!!)

This is a shot of the zinnias, mint in pots, rhubarb in bigger pots and the potatoes (yes!) in the garbage can and the compost behind the barrel. The barrel will be planters for fruit trees next year, while the soil has been moved so it is not so unsightly.

A parting shot of the beautiful koi in a garden in Encinitas. With luck I will post more about that visit later…you should visit it if you are near there as it is both peaceful and beautiful.

In Asking Around…Results on Favorite Saints…

6 Nov

I asked my boys who their favorite saints were, and no surprises there…St. Patrick for Patrick, my youngest…and a fine saint!
As well as Michael’s favorite, which is one of mine too! I always seem to be praying to Saint Michael, especially in times of severe stress or fear. I try to offer up intersessions in his name for more ordinary things….

One of my favorite saints is St. Helen of the Cross, not just because of the name, but because she was determined to find the true cross and brave! As well, St. Francis of Assisi is another favorite, he seems to have figured in my life since I was very small. I was born in Carmel, CA when it was a real town 🙂 and there is a mission, a presidio cathedral and more located in the area, all founded by his order. Additionally, the Franciscans, Poor Claire’s, Carmelites, and Capuchin orders have at some point or another all had an influence in our life. It would take too long to explain here, but somehow those brown habits have a way of appearing in times of need and comfort.

We have been extremely thankful for the graces experienced by my family by the intercession of the saints.
Leonie, I like St. Teresa of Avila too. She is a favorite of my friend Theresa in the Pacific Norhtwest along with St. Therese of Lisieux. Once Theresa even dressed up as her for All Saints! Here is her icon just for you- 🙂

Before the color fades…

18 Jan
I wanted to record it! While I know we are no New England, there is a lot of color in the fall around here. I have a hard time driving just trying to see that firey red maple over there, or the gold ginko tree here…my kids think I am a bit nutty! Oh, well.

When you look south-southwest you can see the Ginko tree, all golden, but not lots of Maples…
Rose Hips in the garden, above, and Tarby in the leaves, below (she is very nervous, as Being Outside Is Scary!).

This is one of two Maples in front of our house, and they have minds of their own!! One is golden the other green. As I write this, January 18th, leaves are still coming down. Never mind, they are almost done!

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